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My husband, Gary, and I went on the program with amazing results! We couldn’t believe how fast the inches and the weight went away. We followed the program 100%, never faltering. We were determined!

The Activate Metabolics Program is an amazing program! I have been heavy all of my adult life and I have tried every diet out there-this one works! The plan was really easy for us; the foods we should eat and the foods to avoid were laid out for us. We actually look forward to weighing ourselves daily. We love to see the numbers on our scale going down, instead of up…and the inches we have lost? It is just amazing!

The DNA report will help us all of our lives-what to stay away from, what foods are best for our genetics, what percentage type of foods to eat, what type of exercise is best for us, and how many calories a day to eat. We have been provided a blueprint for success for the future!

I am still losing weight! I am down 30 pounds so far, and into size Large tops! It has been 30 years since I’ve worn a Large, of anything! It made me cry when I tried on the 1st Large and it fit! We have learned so much from this program. First, realizing how much we had been eating before the program, and now, since the program has changed our portion control, feeling amazed we are full before we finish our meals. No snacking for me, I don’t miss snacks. I don’t miss eating sweets, and I loved chocolate! I haven’t had any cravings through the whole program.

We walk and I ride the exercise bike. We both have more energy and want more exercise. We worked together with this program and I now weigh less, feel great, and I am so proud of myself! My husband feels great, and has been my biggest supporter.

Our fat loss team has been great! They support us daily and give us encouragement! We are eating healthy, and looking good! All in only 2 months! Thank you!

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