Dr. Dustin Barton


Dr. Dustin Barton at Fargo Metabolic CenterCore Health Chiro was founded on the principle foundation that the human body is self-healing and self-regulating. Core Health Chiro was founded in 2008. Dr. Dustin J. Barton, D.C., is the founder, owner and Doctor of Chiropractic within the business of Core Health Chiro.

Dr. Barton, obtained his B.S. in Marketing and Management from MSU-Bottineau and UM-Crookston in May of 2003. Upon graduating from Northwestern College of Chiropractic in Bloomington, MN, Dr. Barton interned at Nokomis Chiropractic in Minneapolis and Pfeffer Chiropractic in Alexandria, MN.

As a child Dr. Barton, was chronically sick and thought being sick was "normal" for children. This made it difficult to participate, if at all in sports, interact and socialize with friends and/or enjoy everyday childhood. Every winter meant taking the flu, bronchitis and/or the "common" cold medications. In order to participate in sports, Dr. Barton, utilized an asthma inhaler of which he had to be reliant on at all times, as the problem worsened.

As chiropractic was introduced into his life, he began to be a healthy child. Once again, Dr. Barton was able to enjoy sports and friends because chronic illness and/or in pain, had begun to cease. As the needless suffering ceased, Dr. Barton soon realized at a young age that his life's purpose was to help others heal Naturally (without medication or surgery) through the principled, scientific approach of subluxation and wellness based chiropractic.

Dr. Dustin J. Barton, D.C., of Core Health Chiro has been awarded the distinguished honor of Chiropractor of the Month for May 2012, by On Purpose, a premier organization that recognizes excellence in the commitment of chiropractors to the public as well as the chiropractic profession in advancing wellness.

In recognition of his achievement, Dr. Barton was interviewed and featured on On PurposeTM, the monthly audio subscription service produced by On Purpose, LLC, where he discussed his involvement in: Community Health Outreach Programs(available to organizations, church and/or business), EPOC(an organization established to enhance the Chiropractic Profession which also offers monthly seminars open to the public), Foundation for Wellness (non-profit), BNI, Fargo Kiwanis, and Maternal and Infant health.

Dr. Barton and his Team have a focused commitment to providing the highest quality chiropractic care possible to the community. To maintain this commitment, Dr. Barton uses the latest high-tech assessment equipment called the Insight Subluxation Stationä is a scanning technology that en ables patients to better understand the benefits of regular chiropractic care in achieving overall wellness.