Dr. Dustin Barton


Dr. Dustin Barton at Fargo Metabolic CenterDr. Dustin Barton, D.C. founded Fargo Metabolic Center in 2016. Fargo Metabolic Center gained it's origin from Dr. Barton's life experiences, which in turn has now transformed and saved the lives of thousands.

Dr. Barton, obtained his B.S. in Marketing and Management from MSU-Bottineau and UM-Crookston in May of 2003. Upon graduating from Northwestern College of Chiropractic in Bloomington, MN, Dr. Barton interned at Nokomis Chiropractic in Minneapolis and Pfeffer Chiropractic in Alexandria, MN.

As a child Dr. Barton, was chronically sick and thought being sick was "normal" for children. This made it difficult to participate, if at all in sports, interact and socialize with friends and/or enjoy everyday childhood. Every winter meant taking flu, bronchitis and/or "common" cold medications. In order to participate in sports, Dr. Barton, utilized an asthma inhaler of which he had to be reliant on at all times, as the problem worsened. Through many different avenues of health, Dr. Barton found nutrition, exercise and chiropractic to be the foundation to regaining or keeping one's health, including his own.

At the age of 21 Dr. Barton was helping to perform CPR on his grandfather and unfortunately the efforts failed. This lasting moment motivated Dr. Barton to identify a congruent lifestyle that promotes health, in which there are no fake foods, boxed foods, counting points, drinking shakes, eating bars or consuming "empty" caloric meals. These dietary choices may be the choice of some there, but after the goals are achieved or not there is no long-term strategy moving forward. Prior to the current epidemic of diabetic diagnosis we see today, Dr. Barton's grandfather would of easily feel into that diagnosis, but there were a lack of solutions in the early 2000's.

Today, Fargo Metabolic Center exists in honor of those who are searching for a better way of life that is sustainable and affordable.

"If this business saves a life, prolongs a life and/or allows more families to become healthier the trials of the day my grandfather passed away will have some type of reward tied to the horrible end result. You grow up fairly fast as a 21 year old with a life experience such as performing CPR on a loved one. I believe that in life you are either passing through to some degree or you develop a burning desire to contribute to society in some significant way. My grandfather's legacy will live on through the lives that Fargo Metabolic Center transforms and/or saves. I believe every family deserves to have their loved one's by their side for as long as possible and Fargo Metabolic Center is my contribution to allow that possibility to occur for thousands of families for years to come."

--Dr. Barton